Different clients, one service approach

Shareholders and managing directors or managers of companies in various industries represent our core target group. We also work for investment companies, lenders as well as insolvency administrators.

In all cases, our industry and functional process expertise is in demand when it comes to improving operating results and/or designing or evaluating efficiency enhancement scenarios.

We would be more than happy to explain our previous experience and work results at a personal face-to-face or virtual meeting. In case needed we can provide specific references.

Entrepreneurs and owner families

We deliver results in the following contexts:

  • In developing ownership strategies or family charters to ensure long-term empowerment of the owner family
  • In operational succession planning
  • In patrimonial succession planning
  • In conflict situations
  • Structuring of corporate bodies (shareholders’ meeting, advisory/supervisory board, management/board of directors)
  • Contribution of management and industry expertise to an advisory/supervisory board

“Maintaining and Developing Values”


MSP supports CEOs and managers in coping with tasks critical to their success in the following contexts:

  • Corporate development/strategy: Definition of corporate goals, strategy development, derivation and implementation of measures for reorientation, plan calculations
  • Restructuring: Analysis of the initial situation, definition of restructuring goals, definition and implementation of immediate measures, derivation and implementation of restructuring measures, integrated financial planning, performance review
  • Process optimisations: Optimisation of detailed processes in all company departments.
  • (IT) project management: Planning and management of success-critical projects including in the area of implementation and optimisation of ERP systems
  • Vacancies: Short-term provision of specialists and managers to bridge vacancies
  • Coaching: MSP as a solid sparring partner for entrepreneurs and senior managers

Together with you as a team, MSP experts take on assignments and position themselves as operative (project) managers who expressly assume responsibility for results.

“Increased efficiency there where you need it!”

Investment Companies

Our mission is to work with our experts to ensure return targets for your investments are realised. Common tasks include:

  • Contribution of expertise within the scope of business due diligence
  • Process optimisation in a specific business area
  • Growth/internationalisation
  • Creation of transparency and efficiency in finance and accounting
  • Restructuring/reorganisation, including in the insolvency environment
  • Management of projects critical for success

For investment companies, we work with our experts in all phases of the investment process.

“Securing and developing values”

Management consultancy

MSP experts complement your services for your clients. The essential contributions we can make to the success of your clients include:

  • Economic process expertise in the analysis, concept and implementation stages
  • Implementation of measures that you have defined with your clients within the framework of efficiency improvement and/or restructuring programmes (e.g. internal business reviews, restructuring reports according to IDW S6/BGH)
  • Support in post-merger integration processes, for M&A advisers as well as contribution of industry-related performance management know-how

In all cases, we always collaborate with consulting companies of different sizes and orientations in a trustworthy and effective manner, focusing on the success of your clients!

“Power for implementation”


Use of MSP managers to avoid acute crises:

In cooperation with entrepreneurs and managers, MSP can help to prevent acute crises with, for example,

  • the definition and implementation of programmes of measures to increase potential in all functional areas
  • Optimisation of liquidity management
  • Creation of transparency in the area of finance and accounting

Crisis support:

  • In a team with restructuring consultants: MSP supports financially focused restructuring consultants with economic expertise in the preparation of restructuring reports, thereby providing an important contribution to the quality of the reports
  • Operational restructuring: MSP managers take on responsibility in the restructuring process as the CRO, the board or even in the management of essential sub-projects of the restructuring

Second opinion:

MSP can rapidly provide a qualified second opinion on available continuation reports and business plans using its relevant industry and technical expertise. Our contribution focuses on the performance-related part of a plan and its transition to financial planning.

“Risk management & controlling”

Insolvency administrators

From the perspective of creditors, insolvency processes should be executed to optimise value. MSP has had the opportunity to work on the following issues thus far:

  • Interim management of the operative business on site, support of the insolvency administration in the sale of assets
  • Preparation of operational restructuring concepts, support in the preparation of insolvency plans and assistance in M&A processes from the insolvency
  • Spot-on support for special issues, also and especially in the functional areas of production and technology as well as sales and marketing

The advantages of working with MSP managers:

  • We know insolvency processes from hands-on experience
  • MSP partners and experts regularly attend further training courses on the subject of insolvency/restructuring
  • We perfectly complement your insolvency expertise with our management, technical and industry expertise
  • We are worth it: the use of our services is more than justified by the results we achieve
  • In settlement cases our work has a positive effect on the insolvency assets to be achieved
  • We are not consultants, but rather solve operational tasks with relevant technical and industry expertise

What our clients appreciate most about us*

“Very good acceptance through high empathy and communication skills. Excellent bringing together of various teams or different opinions to achieve a compromise. The consultant enjoys a high level of appreciation in the company, which results from his calm and considered personality.“
“You were a great support for us in a difficult time. We were able to go through the crisis with you and still had the feeling that we were treated with appreciation and respect. You understand crisis management 100%. You have been a great support to us. Thank you for the good job!“
“Reliability, competence, integrity“
“Domain expertise in connection with relevant management and leadership experience as well as the integrity of the consultants“
“They really stood by our side and fought with us to the end. The work was worth the money!“
“High professional competence paired with assertiveness and business judgment“

*Original quotes (translated) from customer survey TOP CONSULTANT 2020


Christian Ausfelder

Christian Ausfelder

PhD in Engineering, Graduate in Business Studies
Simon Alexander Häuser

Simon Alexander Häuser

Psychologist (Diploma), Sociologist (M.A.)
Michael Hagmann

Michael Hagmann

Graduate management engineer (Dipl. Wi.-Ing.)
Lothar Hiese

Lothar Hiese

Graduate in Business Studies (FH), MBA
Dirk Otto

Dirk Otto

Graduate Business economist (FH), BA
Heiko Simonek

Heiko Simonek

Graduate in Business Studies
Andreas Theis

Andreas Theis

Graduate management engineer (Dipl. Wi.-Ing.)
Sascha Graf

Sascha Graf

IT & Process Expert

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