Our mission: Increase your performance!

What working with us means for you:

Teamwork with internationally experienced managers and experts who have between 20 and 35 years of professional and leadership experience. Support from people with a strong focus on implementation.

We keep going where others give up!

Tangible results and not abstract concepts.

Respect for entrepreneurial performance, appreciation for our counterpart and the ability to take teams and organisations “with us on our journey”.

The willingness to take responsibility, loyalty and measurable results.

The careful and, as a result, time-consuming selection of suitable figures for the MSP manager and expert pool.

MSP again awarded TOP CONSULTANT in 2020

MSP goes through a regular perennial intense customer survey which is independently and scientifically conducted by Prof. Dr. Dietmar Fink (Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung).

In 2020 MSP again received the award TOP CONSULTANT. We are proud having achieved such a great evaluation among more than 100 participating consulting and management service companies. With a well above average rating regarding “competence” we also achieved the top rating “A+” concerning “Recommendation”.

Thanks very much to our satisfied customers!

MSP awarded TOP CONSULTANT (German only)

What our clients appreciate most about us*

“Very good acceptance through high empathy and communication skills. Excellent bringing together of various teams or different opinions to achieve a compromise. The consultant enjoys a high level of appreciation in the company, which results from his calm and considered personality.“
“You were a great support for us in a difficult time. We were able to go through the crisis with you and still had the feeling that we were treated with appreciation and respect. You understand crisis management 100%. You have been a great support to us. Thank you for the good job!“
“Reliability, competence, integrity“
“Domain expertise in connection with relevant management and leadership experience as well as the integrity of the consultants“
“They really stood by our side and fought with us to the end. The work was worth the money!“
“High professional competence paired with assertiveness and business judgment“

*Original quotes (translated) from customer survey TOP CONSULTANT 2020

The cornerstones of our value system: Appreciation for entrepreneurial performance, loyalty and team spirit

We as MSP partners and the freelance managers from our network have many years’ experience working in companies while some of our partners are or have themselves been entrepreneurs. Therefore, we are in a position to know what it means to sustainably manage companies over many years, even in turbulent times. We do not regard serious crisis situations as failures, but rather as challenges that can be mastered.

Loyalty and team spirit are key success drivers in our projects. We are simply employed by you and as project successes always represent team successes, we see ourselves as a temporary reinforcement for your team accordingly. We can only shape change and only want to shape change together with you as a team.

Cooperation partners / Memberships

TMA (Turnaround Management Association) Deutschland e.V.

Lothar Hiese, managing partner of MSP, is a personal member of the renowned restructuring organisation TMA (Turnaround Management Association) Deutschland e.V.

Within the framework of the guidelines of the TMA Turnaround Management Association, Chicago, USA, the Gesellschaft für Restrukturierung – TMA Deutschland e.V. has set itself the goal of providing support in the field of corporate restructuring and reorganisation as well as in the field of reorganising corporate insolvencies in the Federal Republic of Germany. It also seeks to promote the international cooperation of its members and their further training.


Die Familienunternehmer

It won’t work without us! FAMILIENUNTERNEHMER – ASU is the powerful voice of entrepreneurship. We represent the economic and political interests of 180,000 family businesses in Germany, who employ eight million employees subject to social insurance contributions. Our contacts are representatives of politics, the media and the general public.