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Risk management
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Use of MSP managers to avoid acute crises:

In cooperation with entrepreneurs and managers, MSP can help to prevent acute crises with, for example,

  • the definition and implementation of programmes of measures to increase potential in all functional areas
  • Optimisation of liquidity management
  • Creation of transparency in the area of finance and accounting

Crisis support:

  • In a team with restructuring consultants: MSP supports financially focused restructuring consultants with economic expertise in the preparation of restructuring reports, thereby providing an important contribution to the quality of the reports
  • Operational restructuring: MSP managers take on responsibility in the restructuring process as the CRO, the board or even in the management of essential sub-projects of the restructuring

Second opinion:

MSP can rapidly provide a qualified second opinion on available continuation reports and business plans using its relevant industry and technical expertise. Our contribution focuses on the performance-related part of a plan and its transition to financial planning.